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Sheffield Cycle Parking

Cycle Parking in Sheffield

Sheffield, being a big city with many businesses and two universities, has a lot of cyclists, and consequently, lots of bicycle stands. These stands are officially known as 'Sheffield Stands'. I'm guessing they were invented here.

The Sheffield Stands are scattered around all over the place. Its usually very easy to find one in a suitable location. Therefore, this page will focus on 'lockers' and indoor parking, as well as damaged or unsuitable stands. I'll also include areas where cycle parking is insufficient.

My page on Rotherham's cycle parking features a lot of convenient lockers. Unfortunately there are very few of these in Sheffield. Sheffield City Council only provide five for the whole city. Personally, I'd say it is not worth taking the chance that one of these five will be available for you.

Click here for Sheffield City Council's own page on cycle parking.

Wellington Street Car Park

There are three cycle lockers in this car park. All three were in use when I visited to take the photograph at 8am on a Saturday.

Rockingham Street Car Park

Just up from Wellington Street is Rockingham Street Car Park. This has two lockers. When I visited to take the photograph at 8am on a Saturday, one was in use and the other was locked shut with no bicycle inside.

Ponds Forge (Leisure Centre)

There are five lockers at Ponds Forge, in their car park. These lockers are in good condition. They are situated well away from the street, which may be good from a security perpective. They do get quite well used at times so you may have to take pot luck as to whether there is one free for you, but I have been able to get one the vast majority of the time when I visit.

These lockers are just for Ponds Forge customers/visitors, so please don't use them if you are not a customer.

If you are a Ponds Forge customer who makes use of these, it may be worthwhile telling them, with the hope that they will keep them well maintained, and possibly have new ones in the future if they continue to be popular.

APCOA Multi-Storey Car Park (Eyre Street/The Moor)

On the ground floor of this multi-storey car park, there is a room with several Sheffield Stands and a sign which says 'Secure Cycle Park'.

On the day I visited, the door was locked, so I couldn't get in. I don't know if it has specific opening hours.


Broomhill is a village approximately 2 miles away from the city centre. It is quite busy due to it's shops and its proximity to the University of Sheffield.

There are six oddly-shaped Sheffield Stands in the main shopping area of Broomhill. I'm including Broomhill on this page, because when I visit, there are usually more bikes parked up than there are stands. Ideally, there should be more stands added.

Three stands are outside Costa. One stand is on the pavement bit near the previous three. The remaining two are outside Morrisons.

Due to the peculiar shape of these stands, it is easily to accidently wrap a cable lock/chain around the wrong part. Beware!